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Shihan Ryan Hobbs


Shihan Ryan Hobbs has martial arts coursing through proudly Welsh blood. It was after many successful years of application and blood and sweat of Shotokan training that in September 2000 when Shihan Marc Moor (Budo Warrior Schools founder and principal instructor) first opened the Welsh doors in Penarth, Ryan was one of the very first prospective students to walk in. The class subsequently moved into Cardiff in 2004 and by that time Ryan was already a very senior and vital pillar of the group.


His long, significant and highly skilled Shotokan Karate background meant that Ryan could readily assimilate his new Bujinkan methods and techniques. Under the strict tutelage and guidance of Marc Moor, Ryan has travelled thousands of miles to train and to teach and to further his study of Budo and Martial Arts. He is now a highly skilled and popular instructor well known across the UK and abroad for his dedication, loyalty, spirit and remarkable skill set.


In 2009 Ryan became senior instructor of this, the original Cardiff class now situated in Plasnewydd Community Centre since it's move from Penarth and as such the class has gone from strength to strength. In April 2017 Ryan once again travelled to Noda Shi in Japan to train with Masaaki Hatsumi Soke and it was there that he was awarded his 10th Dan and the title of Shihan with recommendations from Nagato Shihan, Shiraishi Shihan and his own instructor, Marc Moor Shihan, in official recognition of his senior instructor status.


Ryan, is known as the Ginger Ninja for obvious reasons and it is the best indication that he is apart from being a very senior and extremely highly skilled practitioner he is also a fun and genuinely affable and fun character who wears his smile as easily as his hard earned black belt.


'The Ginger Ninja', That's a name I aquired over the years, no idea why? - Ryan Hobbs

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